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You may purchase these deals up until Monday November 28th.
If you are local you can select in store pickup on the website.

Friday Nov 25th -Sunday Nov 27th
Special Hours on Sunday Nov 27th 10am-3pm

Black Friday Deals are IN-STORE only.

These Deals will not be listed on our website due to inventory constraints.

If you'd like to order an item on our flyer and can't come to the store you may call Off Grid Armory at 218-657-2264We will not sell anything from our Black Friday Sale at a discount until Friday!

Handguns for sale
Rifles for sale
Shotguns for sale
Offgrid Merchandise

Our store in the north country of Minnesota includes a large selection of firearms, accessories, and a gun range.

Online Inventory

Our online inventory does not always reflect ​in-store availability or in-store prices.

Before you purchase a firearm to transfer make sure you know ALL your state laws.

It is the customers responsibility to know if the firearm you purchase and we transfer is legal to own in your state.

If we ship a firearm to your local FFL and they do not accept it or your background check is denied, it is the customers responsibility to return the firearm back to Off Grid Armory ​a 15% restocking fee will apply, the customer is also responsible for all costs incurred to return back to our store.

MN Permit to carry

Permit to Carry Classes

Off Grid Armory

​By taking our permit to carry class, you are working with professionals that have a heart for training people to be more confident and respectful of their firearms. New classes and workshops are being developed every month, check here for upcoming dates, times and topics. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

What to Expect

​We carry a wide range of products and trusted,
proven names in firearms and personal protection.

Shooting Range

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art shooting range for use during our permit to carry classes, a long range tower, rifle sighting ahead of hunting season, and keeping your skills sharp!

Machine Gun Rental & 50 BMG Rental

Federal Firearms Transfer

Please click on the FFL Transfer link and fill out the form with your FFL attached.

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